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I am administrating a jabber/XMPP server for friends and family.
If you would like to get an account, contact me.

To help covering the costs you
can donate bitcoins to the following adress:


Or donate via Paypal:

Or just get in touch with me and deposit a black suitcase in a trash can inside a park.


Offer webclient via conversejs.

Linking Daniel Gultschs article The State of Mobile XMPP in 2016 on the page XMPP. It's a good read.

Good news for iOS users: the development of Monal just increased. It recently switched to GitHub and the main developer started to work on MAM and HTTP-Upload!

Added a PayPal button. So if you want to help me finance the Hardware costs feel free to donate. I spend quite some time in keeping this service running, up to date and secure :-)

Since today a OMEMO plugin is available for Gajim! Meaning Gajim and Conversations, our favourite clients now support it!

We save you even more bandwith now! iodoru has now enabled:

On a per session basis your client can now activate those and get less notifications when it's inactive. With Conversations on Android it should only use 1% of your battery now.

Additionally we enabled XEP-0363 for HTTP upload. From now on your partner doesn't have to be online you can upload the file to the server and he can download/view it later. If your client supports inline images (Gajim, Conversations) you will see the image in the chat window.