Update Prosody to 0.11.5

April 1, 2020

Today I updated from Prosody 0.10.3 to 0.11.5.

Adding webclient support

September 13, 2018

I now offer a webclient via conversejs. So if you lost your phone, don’t have access to your computer or are on the road you can still chat away.

The State of Mobile XMPP in 2016

October 5, 2016

I’m linking to Daniel Gultschs article The State of Mobile XMPP in 2016 on the page XMPP. It’s a good read.

Increase in Monal development

February 11, 2016

Good news for iOS users: the development of Monal just increased. It recently switched to GitHub and the main developer started to work on MAM and HTTP-Upload!

Added Paypal

December 28, 2015

Added a PayPal button. So if you want to help me finance the Hardware costs feel free to donate. I spend quite some time in keeping this service running, up to date and secure :-)

Gajim OMEMO plugin

December 25, 2015

Since today a OMEMO plugin is available for Gajim! Meaning Gajim and Conversations, our favourite clients now support it!


November 10, 2015

We save you even more bandwith now! iodoru has now enabled: mod_csi mod_filter_chatstates mod_throttle_presence On a per session basis your client can now activate those and get less notifications when it’s inactive. With Conversations on Android it should only use 1% of your battery now. Additionally we enabled XEP-0363 for HTTP upload. From now on your partner doesn’t have to be online you can upload the file to the server and he can download/view it later. ... Read more …