Supported XEPs

For users it is very important to know which extensions their server and client(s) support. XMPP is a base protocol with many extensions, when choosing a client please take into consideration which extensions (XEP) it supports. Only with the right extensions you can get a pleasant experience.
Conversation has a good overview and explanation of XEPs that can be useful. This server supports the following XEPs:

  • XEP-0054 - vCard support to contain contact information
  • XEP-0138 - Stream Compression: Save network bandwidth
  • XEP-0163 - Personal Eventing Protocol: For many things.. User avatars and OMEMO encryption for example
  • XEP-0198 - Stream Management: Hold your session open for 5 minutes in case you have short network outage
  • XEP-0280 - Message Carbons: Send copies of your sent messages to all your devices
  • XEP-0313 - MAM: Store message history on server
  • XEP-0363 - HTTP File Upload: You can send your partner a file even if he isn’t online

To understand why XEP-0280 is needed it might be good to read the presence part of profanity’s documentation. It explains resources and priorities and makes you understand how normally messages are send.


Group chatting is possible at Everybody can join but only local users can create new chatrooms. It’s possible to protect rooms with a password or definy a user list, and of course you can also have open channels where everybody is allowed to join.